Madelynn Stotera

Madelynn Stotera

Madelynn is a natural psychic/medium who, with your permission and collaboration, will peer through your window to your soul to uncover the inner you and provide you with enlightened perspectives.

Looking through the window of your soul, Madelynn’s insights can provide guideposts for your future and help you avoid problems, scams, and expenses, including…

  • Job or business decisions such as recent or future legal or financial problems
  • Relationship issues: What are they thinking and feeling?
  • Internet dating: Character assessment and intentions
  • Roommate choice: Are they honest? Messy? Communication?
  • House purchase: Which one? Price? Neighbors? Area of town?
  • Life decisions: Guidance at the Crossroads.
  • Communications from deceased loved ones resolving grief and unfinished business

Madelynn is the protege of Jane Katra, P.h.D. (whose endorsement follows). Katra is a widely recognized healer, clairvoyant and, with Russell Targ, co-author of the book Miracles of the Mind.


“Madelynn and I were mysteriously brought together in 2010 by the spirit of my deceased step-daughter. Elisabeth-in-spirit proceeded to communicate with identifying details and meaningful messages through Madelynn, who is a natural medium, as well as my psychic hairdresser. For 10 years, Madelynn’s guidance has been invaluable in helping me make important life decisions. She provides details to my gut feelings, foresees sticky situations, and helps me choose the right words to navigate delicate relationships.

Madelynn has guided me with many uncanny predictions of situations I would encounter, and insights into people with whom I would interact. Numerous times, her intuitions have helped me to successfully navigate situations that might otherwise have had regrettable outcomes. Madelynn is the real deal, in service with humility, a beautiful heart, and a genuine gift.”

—Jane Katra, Ph.D., Public Health

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