I highly recommend Madelynn for psychic advice and counseling. Madelynn is intuitive. She helped me find guidance when I was about to make the biggest change in my life. Madelynn has so many gifts to offer. She creates beauty and brings healing and helpful insights to her clients. Her clairvoyance is a gift to experience, and her aura and energy are warm and bright.

I grew up in Oregon, and I decided to move on a whim to Olympia, Washington. I wanted some foresight in making this big move. Madelynn gave me insight into what my life was going to look like. She was able to really see what my life was going to look like. Madelynn described that I would be living by a lake and talked about a lake, the ocean, seagulls, and that I would have a sense of peace, happiness and breath of fresh air in this new experience. She also mentioned that I would meet a man who would be my landlord and friend. This man was someone who would want to genuinely help me. She said that this man would not be a romantic interest but a helpful person. 

When I moved to Olympia, I stayed in a women’s dorm in a hostel and looked for housing. I had already accepted a position teaching and just needed to find my home. I came across a housing opportunity through word of mouth through a local coffee shop guy who I told that I was looking for a place to call home. He let me know about his friend who had a room open in his house. Sure enough when I arrived to see the house, it was on a lake and it was a man who owned the home and did indeed genuinely like me and wanted to help me get settled in Olympia. I moved in a week later and found a little paradise in a beautiful mini mansion in a nice neighborhood that was a seven minute drive to work for me form the school that I was teaching at. Everything that Madelyn had mentioned had come to fruition. I remember feeling a sense of ease when I recalled the events happening that Madelynn had mentioned as I made these important decisions. 

In November of 2018, I went back home for Thanksgiving. At this point I had been settled into my home and my new teaching position I was also feeling confident in trying dating, I was trying to decide between a few different men that had shown interest in me. I had two dates with each man, and Madelynn was able to let me know what ones to steer clear of and which one had a good soul and heart. Turns out the one she said was genuine and had a gold light about him is now my husband. Her intuition and clairvoyance is strong and really helped me find direction when I was navigating making very big and important new life changes that have turned into amazing fresh starts for my life. I am very lucky to have Madelynn in my life as a guiding light. I highly recommend her for psychic services.

~ Yona Dembele

“I highly recommend Madelynn’s intuitive service.  Talking with her was comfortable and easy which matters a lot to me when I am troubled and need a calm presence like hers.  Her accuracy and insight were much appreciated by me.  To my pleasant surprise she supplied information that stretched my thinking which is important because sometimes I am incapable of thinking outside of the box I have created for myself.  All my questions and issues were dealt with, so I walked away very satisfied and able to focus and move on with a new course of action.  I look forward to reaching out to her again!

—  Kosta Makreas”

Hi Madelynn:

I’m very happy to recommend you.  Here’s a few comments.

Madelynn is an authentic psychic with a skill that has grown since childhood.  As a child she would tell her mother things she should not have been able to know and her mother was amazed and would ask “how do you know that?” Her compassion, empathy and kindness makes any experience with her heartfelt, uplifting and insightful.  She is as real as they come.

Thanks to Madelynn’s psychic skills, she gave me information on a medical condition that I had been trying to get help with for years.  Doctors didn’t know what to do with what I was presenting which was not unusual for this condition.  She also told me the next step to take.  While she didn’t quite understand what she was telling me, she was absolutely correct and with very little research I knew what I was to do.  The next step was the specific test that would make the official diagnosis and with that I finally could seek treatment.   I credit Madelynn with my good health today.  When people ask how I knew I had this disease, I happily say,  “from my psychic.”  Heaven knows how long it would have taken me to finally get an answer if I had not had her valuable information that lead me to an accurate diagnosis and solution.

Madelynn’s psychic skills are second to none.  She is real and authentic.  I’ve had several readings and each one provides important insights that are invaluable to moving forward in life or understanding a current situation.  I love interacting with her and never know what might come up.  I get the most helpful and amazing insights.  I am so appreciative of her skill.


I’ve known Madelynn as a co-worker in our local Buddhist lay organization, a hair stylist of exceptional talent and a kind and wonderful woman who became a dear friend.  She confided in me that she has always had psychic abilities.  I didn’t doubt her but in all honesty, I’d never really known anyone who had the kind of capability she possessed.  Both my mother and I have, on rare occasions, had a very few prescient dreams but never had I known someone who could command a view to the future of someone’s experience at will.

She had also confided to me that she preferred not to work with close friends or family as she didn’t ever want to predict something that might be ‘bad’ or ‘upsetting’ to those with whom she shared daily life. At this point, she wasn’t confident enough in her abilities and didn’t want to ‘get things wrong’ because she knew a person and therefore muddied the reading with her own assumptions about them.  I understood and never asked her for a ‘reading’, or about my dead relatives and that sort of thing.

Several years later, our friendship had grown and we had become trusted confidants to one another.  I had been through a divorce and had been single for a couple of years when I decided to go to Japan for a tour of historic places related to our Buddhist practice along with another friend of ours.  By this time, Madelynn, a hairdresser, had been cutting my hair for a couple of years. 

I had just grown out my dark auburn dye job to become the sparkling white, that had been hiding for decades, since I’d turned bright white at the tender age of 16.  I liked my silver sparkly hair now and was dismayed when, just before my trip to Japan with another good friend of ours, she became stridently adamant that I color it blond.  She didn’t have a particularly good reason for me to start coloring it again but she was forcefully adamant. 

When I pressed her as to why, she stammered, ‘You just HAVE to!  You’re going to meet…., I mean you just HAVE to!’ was all I could get out of her.  I caved and acquiesced to her demand. I know it sounds a little odd, but I didn’t think much of it.

I could not have known what was coming at the time but SHE knew. I was about to meet the love of my life but she desperately didn’t want to jinx our meeting or have me looking around every corner for him and focus on the wrong person. She never wants to interfere but she does ‘see’ things ahead of their arrival!

I had wanted to move Whidbey Island in Pacific Northwest for about 30 years but the timing had never been right and when it was, I was divorced and could no longer afford a move there.  Imagine my surprise, when on my birthday, in Hiroshima, my friend and I found ourselves having dinner with a group of people we’d randomly met in the concierge lounge after a somber tour of the atomic bomb museum.

Their group was on an extended business trip there and were simply wanting to speak English, so we decided to go out, en masse, to dinner that evening.  It was a fate filled encounter.  As one does at such times, we made small talk about where we were from and where we were going and what we hoped for on journey of this life.  As it turned out, one of these men hailed from the precise place I’d always wanted to relocate and retire. 

Over the course of dinner, when asked about my goals and wants in life, I’d said my plan was to construct my life as a permanent vacation.  This garnered a laugh. I thought nothing about our encounter as I was completely satisfied at the time, neither looking for nor missing being in a romantic relationship. But as fate would have it, and in complete accord with Madelynn’s unspoken ‘vision’, a few years later, this man became my husband and Madelynn was there to celebrate with us.

As I write this, my husband is completing his last day of work, retiring early to celebrate the dream of living a life of permanent vacation with me.  Not just in the general area of my longing for many years but to a place on this island that surpassed my wildest dreams. Were I to study painting with all the world’s masters and accumulate the knowledge and talent of a hundred generations, I could not have painted a more beautiful masterpiece than the one  I am now experiencing.  

Thank you, Madelynn, for sharing your gift with me, even while you kept it a secret so it would unfold naturally.  Your vision was a beautiful gift for my life.  I’m so glad I trusted you to know what was coming and to help me prepare for it, even while I myself, didn’t have a clue! And by the way, I’m still blond and loving it!


Susan H, Whidbey Island, WA

I was delighted when asked to do a review for Through the Window. I have known Madelyn for 10 years now and we have become very good friends. We explored our own abilities in the psychic world.  As we read taro cards and told our stories it became clear to me that Madelynn has a big gift.  Her insights are healing and very profound.  She has helped me through the death of my twin brother and my breast cancer. Has done reading for my children which is amazingly comforting.  Her predictions are clear and verbally effective.  If she can’t see something or read it she will tell you.  I’m so excited that this web site is finally open to you and the universe. Enjoy the process!

~Marianne Price