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I have always followed my heart with the jobs I have done throughout my life.  If I had the wisdom I have today back then, I might have done things differently. If only I had a crystal ball.  We heard it said over and over again, especially with realtors, if only we had a Crystal ball, we would know what to do.

The universe provides answers for us.  We are all intuitive, some more so than others.  I had a client who was in the middle of a real estate deal.  It was down to three top bids and she was asked to add another ten thousand dollars.  She consulted me and her deceased sister appeared to me and told me to tell her that the house is hers and yes put the extra ten thousand dollars down.  My client responded quickly and indeed got the house and she loves it.  Prior to this transaction, she was continuously being out bided for many of the homes she wanted. The housing prices were going up so fast.  But at that crucial moment when confusion sets in, a little help from the universe always helps makes things clearer.

I had clients ask many times about advice on their careers.   Should they attend/work at a certain conference, should they do an in-person interview, should they write a chapter in someone’s book. As their career fortune teller, I have been able to help guide them to success or help prevent them from being taken advantage of. 

I have had clients who were involved in lawsuits.  One client did not know that her own family members were taking advantage of her.  Once she consulted her lawyer, who did some research into the matter, they were both surprised to see that everything I said was true. 

I had a client who was at a crossroads with her job.  She wanted to know if she should continue doing job number 1 or go back to job number 2.  I did a career psychic reading in which her deceased Dad appeared and told me to tell her job number 2.  She sadly said, yes, I sort of knew that.  But I would prefer to stick with the other job but she knew that she could make a lot more money with Job number 1.  She thanks her deceased Dad.

I am a career psychic reader and I can look through the window of your soul and together we can find avenues to pursue, avenues to avoid, and things never thought of.  This insight creates a career fortune teller. The insight empowers you to make decisions creating your own crystal ball of fortune. Sign up for a career psychic reading and get the help you need now.  Don’t wait for the could’ve, should’ve, would’ve.

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