Note: Please make sure to complete your client screening form on the book now page before completing payment.

Before your reading can be scheduled please make your payment online through PayPal on our website. Once your payment is received you will receive a text message within 24 hrs to schedule your reading.

Psychic readings are really a two way street and requires focus from both parties.

To improve our reading I will need from you:

~ Please write out a list of questions you would like answered during our session.

~ Make sure during our session you have a quiet place to sit with out distractions such as children, pets, friends, phone etc.

~ You need to begin our session relaxed and comfortable so that you can focus your thoughts on our reading.

I would like to share with you my personal process as a psychic so as we begin our reading you are able understand me and feel comfortable as we journey through your past and future life.

I listen to your questions about things that you are curious about. As I begin my process I see my self traveling through a window that is connected to you. Things begin to open up and I see images and I will be able to let you know what I see. You and I can at this time try together to figure out what the messages mean. The more you engage and whole heartedly seek answers through me the more accurate our readings will be.

There will be times that you will ask me certain questions and I will pick up something entirely different. This is the universe guiding us to the most important issues.