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Madelynn is a Natural Medium, a healer of the heart and intuitive psychic counselor.

Since 2011 Madelynn has provided readings for people who have lost loved ones, held health concerns, or needed clarity on business endeavors, family dynamics, relocation concerns, and more~ often with a startling accuracy in the information she experiences.

When asked about her abilities, Madelynn describes feeling elated while the information flows through her; honored to be trusted by the universe and the person for whom she is doing the reading.

Madelynn describes her method as, “Navigating through the ‘window’ of your soul.” Here she looks for messages in your life to channel the unknown and to help you make choices.

The daughter of an Italian immigrant and grand-daughter of deaf grandparents, Madelynn grew up with loving and resilient parents. Now a mother of four grown boys, a grandmother, Buddhist, and 5th degree martial arts black belt, Madelynn is enjoying a full life in her varied familial and community roles.


Interviewer (I)/Edìtor (E)   Madelynn, thanks for including me in this process!

Madelynn (M)   Thanks for your help! After writing this biography I realized that an editor would be a big help, and I loved your idea of combining an interview with narration.

(IE)   Great! Let’s start then. The first question I have is: How did you come to recognize your special abilities and begin the more or less formal practice of psychic and intuitive readings?

(M)   In 2010, while standing in line at a bank, I met Jane Katra. [Editor’s note: Jane Katra, Ph.D., is a widely recognized healer, clairvoyant and, with Russell Targ, coauthor of the book Miracles of the Mind. Dr. Katra offers a personal and professional recommendation on the homepage of this website. Madelynn continues….We started talking and found we have a lot in common. As a hair designer with my own business, Jane became a client. Through several visits, we got to know each other; and, with Jane’s increasing interest in my native psychic and intuitive abilities, we ultimately became best friends and consultants for one another.

(IE)   What did that look like; how did it happen?

(M)    With my agreement, Jane helped me to focus on uncovering and shaping my untutored psychic gifts, fine tuning these to help touch and heal people’s hearts.

(IE)   She was mentoring you then?

(M)   Yes, in the beginning. However, my abilities began much earlier in my life…As a child, I didn’t know that information I was channeling was anything different from what anyone else would do. I used these insights, more and more often recognized by myself and people around me as psychic gifts, in a variety of ways.

(Editor)   Madelynn describes occasionally vivid dreams about future events, startling people in their soon–realized accuracy.

In elaborating, Madelynn talks about an early childhood experience her mother getting mad because she seemed to know so much personal information about her. Madelynn was perplexed when her mother asked angrily, “How did you know that about me?” Madelynn wondered, ‘How do I not know that? It’s like looking through glass. Why doesn’t Mom see this?’

Madelynn cites a day when she was seven years old. She was in a car on a long road trip, talking to her mother’s adult first cousin about life, death, rebirth and other worldly things. She specifically remembers her mother’s cousin getting goosebumps, and at one point shaking with disbelief and amazement while listening to Madelynn provide direct answers to her many questions.

In another example, Madelynn (eight years old at the time) remembers seeing images on her bedroom wall of who would be the next president of the United States. It was Nixon, the day before the election, 1968.

Madelynn describes a frightening dream taking place years later. In the dream, a spirit entered her bedroom and bent over to whisper in her ear warnings about a war soon to break out in Afghanistan, telling her that the U.S. military is already there. She, the spirit, went on, providing details for about five minutes. Madelynn told several friends and family members about the dream. Those who offered an opinion said it would be highly improbable, if not impossible. One early morning in September several days later she started receiving calls from these, telling her to turn on the television. It was 9/11. In New York jets had crashed into the twin towers, which were collapsing upon each other and into the streets, causing more devastation and loss of life than could be imagined.

…In another dream there was a strong earthquake and water rushing forward. Wide expanses of land were deeply flooded. Over subsequent days, with everyone else around the world, Madelynn watched as news stories showed the effects of the calamitous tsunami in Indonesia and around the perimeter of the Indian Ocean.  

The anecdotes continue, one with a story about being held up in traffic with a friend while driving home. There’d been an accident. As they approached the wrecked car a few minutes later, Madelynn suddenly felt a cold presence on her lap. The entity, clearly female, asked what had happened. In her mind, Madelynn explained that there’d been an accident and that the woman had died. The woman told her she couldn’t die because she had two small children. The presence was on Madelynn’s lap for about 20 minutes, talking the entire time trying to understand what was happening to her. When she departed, Madelynn immediately noted that the coldness on her lap was gone, too.

Madelynn has had many experiences of people who have passed away returning to give her messages so she could help people in need. Recalling stories where family members were immediately involved, Madelynn dreams of a bullet piercing a loved one’s heart. The next day that person had a heart attack. 

In another anecdote, Madelynn tells of a dear sister who’d died when she was only 49 years old. Andrea consistently visits her and gives her messages about family members in need.

Madelynn is a long time SGI–USA Buddhist member. Recently celebrating her 40th anniversary, she received the Distinguished Pioneer of American Kosen-Rufu Award. She has dedicated many years to helping members learn how to practice and take action to change their lives into a beautiful drama of their own choosing.

Madelynn shares that she loves to chant and meditate in prayer for her own happiness and everyone else in her life, community and the world.

(Editor) Matt Friday