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I am a retired hair designer and had many opportunities to talk to my clients and become quite close to them.  Many of them who know about my psychic gifts, call me a psychic hairdresser.  They love to ask me about love and relationship advice. One day a young girl in her late twenties, with whom I have been cutting her hair since she was 16 years old, comes in with pictures of men that she is dating.  I looked at the pictures and told her which man was her true soulmate.  Many months later I attended their wedding and today they have children and they are surrounded by love, happiness, and gratitude.

I have a very good friend.  One day I was cutting her hair and talking and visions come up in my mind so strong that I became compelled to tell her things that would change her future forever.  I told her she was going to meet someone on this trip to Japan and that she needed to color her hair and cut it a bit shorter adding a shape to her hair.  She never wanted to do this, but she agreed for a soulmate psychic reading.  She felt something mystical about this message I had just given her.  Sure enough, she meets her soul mate on her trip to Japan and is now living her dream life. 

I love people and truly care about them.  People must sense that about me.  Couples open up to me and after talking to them, they see things in a different light that helps their relationship take a fresh start.

Many times, my psychic clients asked me questions about their partners and what advice I would give them.  Sometimes I see good things and I am happy to tell them their couple psychic reading.  Other times I don’t see such favorable situations so I ask them if they want me to be truthful or not.  I always say the future changes and these are the things I see happening right now.   Some of the less favorable things I may see could include cheating, drug problems, dark activities, etc.  Sometimes the person asking me the questions is the problem. 

My intuition is a gift that I share with you to help you live a life of your choosing. Feel free to consult me as many times as you need to get through your situation.When we do a love and relationship advice and psychic reading together, ask me questions and my intuition opens up and with your permission I can see through your window of your soul helping to foster your dreams, desires of the heart, love relationships, and finding your true soulmate.

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