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I believe true happiness comes from being in touch with my heart and soul.  Sometimes I need a good honest friend to help me to get in touch with my true self. No Shenanigans. That’s what good friends are for.  Sometimes it’s tough but in the long run, it’s a shortcut to the road to true happiness.

I have been told many times that my gift has really helped them to understand their true want, desire, need, and direction. They seem to always thank me in the end but not always at first.  Through a heart and soul psychic reading, with honesty on both sides, an emergence of something new transforms and we can call it our soul, true self, light, etc.

I have done many health readings with my clients.  I have been able to tell them to drink more water, or if it’s a spiritual problem, lower back problem, pituitary problem, Lyme, kidney, or cancer. I didn’t exactly tell them that it was cancer, but strongly encouraged them to go to the doctor. 

I remember talking to this one client who got into a motorcycle accident and is in pain and asked me what I thought was going on.  I said you have a lot going on in your head causing you anxiety and have Lyme critters in your brain.  He was asking me about his ankle which was killing him at the time and I scanned his body and said you don’t have anything wrong with your ankle.  He said that is funny, that is what the doctors tell me.  He did later find out he has Lyme disease.

I had a client who was going to produce a movie and asked me if I could do health and soul psychic reading of the people he was going to hire. He wanted to know if he could trust them. I replied that I was unusually surprised by how excellent, good-hearted individuals they are.

Many clients had asked about roommates, renters, business partners, and caretakers for their parents, and children’s problems, and I am able to guide them. Ultimately it’s up to them. I also tell them to follow their heart.

As a medium/psychic, I have read (channeling) for many clients their deceased loved ones, who communicate through me, to them, that feels quite ordinary.  Many have said that I was right on about their deceased ones.  One deceased husband was wearing a mask and did not want to be uncovered. He seemed ashamed of himself. Once his wife and I were talking about his daughter, he rushed up real close to say be gentle with her she is just like me.

I am your person to receive a heart and soul psychic reading from if you truly desire to get to the heart and soul of your problems or questions. It’s a psychic soul therapy that will bring you clarity and relief enabling you to make life’s most difficult choices easier.

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