What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

Medium.  A dictionary definition on Siri apple iPhone: “claiming to be in contact with the spirits of the dead and to communicate between the dead and the living.”

Psychic.  A dictionary definition on Siri apple iPhone: “is an adjective relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance.”

One day I was eating lunch with a fellow volunteer and she told me her mom had passed away approximately one year ago. The volunteer I was having lunch with was in her twenties. I told her that I remember doing volunteer work at the center with her mom when she was a young girl. All of a sudden, I was getting messages from her deceased mom asking me to tell her daughter how much she loved her.  

I received more messages to share with her daughter. I didn’t know what was going on at the time because I had never done this before.  I actually felt quite weird doing this. What is the daughter of this deceased woman thinking about this conversation.  To my surprise she was rather absorb with our conversation and seemed very happy with our visit. This experience was my first encounter as a medium channeling information from her deceased mother and relaying the information to her.

I always tell my clients when their deceased loved one is giving us the information or if it is a psychic message from the universe. My gift for both being a medium and a psychic go hand in hand for me.

I was in my 40’s when this first experience of communicating with dead people happened. I just recovered from breast cancer and the girl’s mother who I had lunch with died from breast cancer. Shortly after, I had another strange encounter with a client at a hair salon I was working at.  Strangely enough I and my hair client were the only ones in the salon. I never saw her before and this was the first time I did her hair.  At the end of her scheduled hair appointment, she said to me, “Are you using your gift?” I said I didn’t know what she was talking about and she proceeded to tell me that I in fact know what she was referring to and began to tell me to use my gift. She said it was given to me to help others.  The strange thing is after she left, I felt she was angelic and I never saw her after that.  I felt she came to give me a message from a divine source. It felt so surreal.

Shortly after recovering from my breast cancer, I moved to Oregon.  I had a hair client named Jane Katra. For those of you who don’t know her, she has a Ph.D. in health education and she is a spiritual healer for over 50 years, clairvoyant and also co-author along with Russell Targ, of the book “Miralces of Mind”. While she and I were talking, I asked her what her line of work was.  She was getting ready for a conference as a guest speaker and needed to get her hair done. She was reluctant to tell me at first.  When she started to tell me about her gifts in the psychic realm, I told her that I do that too. 

I then began channeling psychic messages from her loved ones whom have passed away. So many things popped up.  She began training me at that moment on how to use my gift. She said I was a natural medium/psychic. We did this exchange for years me reading for her and she teaching me how to read these messages accurately. While in Oregon, with training from Jane, I was often able to use my gift.

In the book, ‘Your Psychic Potential’ by Richard Ireland, there was a section addressed to the Would-Be Medium stating, “Do not seek the development of psychic powers out of mere curiosity; it is a serious study only to be undertaken with pure motives and a desire for the highest.” As the book states, Richard Ireland was a full-time minister, a counselor for celebrities, and was on radio and TV.  He developed his psychic skills at a young age and gave demonstrations in many large cities in the United States as well as London. He died in 1992.

I have personally said if you want to share your gift as a medium channeling message from deceased loved ones or as a psychic reading message coming forth through the window of someone’s soul, you need to have a pure heart and strong desire to help people then your gift becomes explosive, as if lighting up the universe with goodness and love. And for this, you can contact me.

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