Psychic Mediums are the New Wellness Coaches.

Sometimes we ponder over things that really get us worked up about either someone or something. Worrying can cause stress and can lead to health problems, this is the time to call your psychic counselor and get help.  During these stressful times most of us seek counsel from our family and friends and sometimes we need professional help from a therapist, but imagine that help from someone who can look into the window of your soul and provide you with the information that you need, so that you can move forward. Being in the problem makes you feel stuck, but information gives you the feeling of freedom, clearing your path to multiple solutions.

I recently talked to someone that was asking me about her father’s illness and if she could wait one more week before visiting him. It would be almost impossible to get there any earlier because of airline tickets, getting her dog to come with her on the plane and her grand kids who she helps care for, finding someone else to help care for them.   She was worried that her father would pass before she got there.  I was on the phone with her and I had my Tarot cards out doing a reading for myself.  She is a good friend of mine and I asked her if she wanted me to pull a Tarot card for her just to see what it says.  She said yes and I pulled up a Tarot card that told her, it’s like waiting for a baby, it will happen when it happens.  Don’t fret over it but enjoy the journey.  That little bit of wisdom from the universe really calmed her down and she understood the situation with a different set of eyes. I could just feel her relax and take a deep breath with a sigh of relief.

One other time I was having lunch with a client and she asked me a question about a dear friend of hers.  I was amazed at all the things the universe was uncovering about this person.  Apparently, her friend wasn’t taking her medication for a certain psychological problem she has. She became unlike herself and drove through a grocery store with her vehicle because she was angry at a clerk. I was looking through her window of her soul and psychically read that the persecution department was planning to advise the judge to throw away the keys, because she had done these sorts of things before, several times. This information was unknown to me.  My client acknowledges that the psychic information I am receiving is true, and she also acknowledges that her friend sometimes doesn’t take her medication and then acts out.  I advise my friend, based on psychic information from the universe, to tell her friend in detail the messages from the universe.  I can’t remember them all at this moment in time and it’s because these messages of advice come from the universe. I am getting so much information so fast and I am so focused, that I honestly can’t remember what I said. A few days or weeks later, I remember reading in the newspaper, that her friend did exactly what I advised, based on the universal messages given to us, and she was able to refrain from going to jail and had another chance to get her life together.

I’m sure we have all experienced problems and felt like dooms day is near or upon us; however, sometimes a bit of wisdom can take the blind folds off our eyes and we can see the situation differently.  Many of my psychic clients start off with just a few questions and then it just dominoes into very deep soul searching.  Lots of wisdom wells up between us.  It’s an exciting process and quite rewarding.  So, I want to empower you to change your future. Information is the one key element. All you need to do is take action, based on an educated decision, as well as trusting your own intuitive wisdom to benefit yourself and your loved ones. This is health wellness power.

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