How To Read Your Own Life Path with a Psychic

I will use a simile to help better understand how you can read your own life path with a Psychic Reader.  Imagine you are having lunch with one of your best friends and you tell this person some of your personnel struggles because you are looking for guidance.  Possibly you may just want to complain to your friend about your life and not really want to fix the problem.  Maybe you just can’t see beyond the pain you are experiencing and you are in great need of guidance and or a shoulder to cry on.   Most friends just listen and sympathize with you.  Then you have those friends, because they know you so well, tell you what to do.  They make sense but something deep inside is telling you, it just doesn’t feel right. You may also know from past experiences that if you do what your friends suggest it isn’t always the best answer.  Sometimes you just feel stuck.  

Now imagine you are at home in a quiet place on the phone with a psychic reader.  Talk to that psychic reader just like you would talk to your best friend about your struggles.  As a psychic, when I get this information from you, a window opens up and I navigate through the window of your soul then images appear.  That’s when I tell you what I see. You can ask for more clarity by giving me another piece of information that continues this journey towards your questions concerning your life path.

The journey is up to you.  If your heart is genuine, while asking questions to your psychic, then the navigation steers towards answers of fulfilling your wishes.   The heart touches people’s lives as well as your own life.  When I am doing a reading, my inner life will vibe up to the heart of the universe.  When I am in this space my heart is open to the universe. Heartfelt questions touch a response from the universe that navigates you and me towards finding the right path for you to take for the betterment or fulfillment of your life dreams. Being honest with yourself and following your heart, with the help of a psychic, you can read your own life path.

I was watching Penny Kelly’s podcast where she did a psychic reading for someone.  By the way, I really enjoy her podcasts.  She is very intuitive and heartfelt.  This person asked Penny how her health was. Penny began to scan this person’s body and then I remember Penny asking the sitter what specifically she was concerned about with her health.  Then Penny said to her, by giving me these details it saves us a lot of time.  While watching this, I was able to concur with Penny that details close the gap and allows the navigation of your journey to get a more precise path and then answers quickly pop up.

I remember doing a reading for a woman who was desperate for an answer as soon as possible about her health.  She made a psychic appointment with me and asked about her health.  The first thing that came to me was a problem with her son that was causing a hardship on her life.  The second thing I saw was a dark mass in her upper stomach.  She confirmed that is where the doctors saw a dark mass and she continued to ask if she had cancer.  I told her no. I do not see cancer.  I see this illness is caused by family stress.  Throughout the entire reading I was able to pick up, from her heart soul, that she was not ready to address all the issues that were truly bothering her.  This is a case where the heart needs time to open up.  This clearly was not the right time for her to delve into other aspects of her life that I could read.  I respected her wishes and continued to encourage her to bring forth the universal messages that were given (to me) to share with her.

I read the book, Your Psychic Potential, by Richard Ireland who said on pg. 232, “I prudently refrain impulsively and unthinkingly blurting out everything that my ‘sixth sense’ reveals.  Due to the permissive society in which we live, incidentally, a psychic can regularly and unwittingly tune in on some pretty ‘juicy” things…Unless I have the express permission of the sitter, however, I leave any closeted skeletons unrattled and all dirty laundry safely stored in its smelly hamper.  When I do obtain permission to unmask the highly personal details of someone’s life, my revelations are always couched in tactful and diplomatic terms.”

With this in mind, when you have a psychic reading from me, you will be read and guided based on your life or heart soul condition at that moment.  Always with your permission the reading will be given in perfect alliance for your situation at the given moment.  Not one psychic is perfect, however, with love as your guiding center and the use of your heart chakra I embrace your needs while guiding you through the window of your soul. This is how to read your own life path with a Psychic. Contact me for more.

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